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This is where you go back to the board with all the essentials of a healthy financial lifestyle. You will enhance what you do know and learn what you weren't taught about saving, creating a budget, improving or building credit, and how to practically reach your financial goals. You will be provided with supplement worksheets, access to a financial savvy community, and get personalized feedback from the instructor to further enhance your financial journey!

Course curriculum


  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Head Financial Coach

    Jennifer Montgomery

    Jennifer is a Millennial Financial Coach, Certified Financial Counselor who likes to find practical ways to help you reach your financial goals and become more financially savvy. She worked in corporate finance for 5 years but now help everyday people save, budget, manage debt and credit. She loves international travel adventures, writing poetry, community development, and marketing.

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These courses are tools to enhance your financial journey and reach your personal financial goals. This is the step to getting the things that you want and live your best life.

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